View videos

Name Value Description Required
direction The direction that the results are sorted. No
filter Filter to apply to the results. No
filter_embeddable Required if filter=embeddable. Choose between only videos that are embeddable, and only videos that are not embeddable. No
filter_playable Default true. Choose between only videos that are playable, and only videos that are not playable. No
page The page number to show. No
per_page Number of items to show on each page. Max 100. No
query Search query. No
sort Technique used to sort the results. No
weak_search This forces the query parameter to use a separate search service that includes private videos. It will only perform a partial text search on the video's name. In the future the standard search will include private videos, and this parameter won't be necessary. No
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Upload one video

Name Value Description Required
link If your upload type is pull, Vimeo will download the video hosted at this public URL. This URL must be valid for at least 24 hours. Yes
redirect_url The app redirect URL Yes
type Upload type Yes
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