1. Get your API key

    You’ll need a Client ID and Client Secret for each application you create. To create a key, you’ll need to supply us with some basic information about your application. Don’t worry if you’re not sure about all of the information, you can always edit it later.

    Register a new application

    We also recommend you use one of our official API libraries

  2. Get an access token

    To make API requests you will need an Access token. If you want to make requests on behalf of a user, that token must be authenticated.

    Vimeo uses the OAuth 2 specification. You must send your user to a Vimeo URL, where they will be given the choice to accept or deny access. If they accept, they will be redirected to your app where you must exchange a code for your access token.

    See the authentication documentation

  3. Make API calls to Vimeo

    Once you have an access token, you can make API calls. The API has access to most of Vimeo's features.

    How to make an API request

    See the list of API Endpoints

  4. Upload a video

    Vimeo provides two different upload workflows. All applications must be approved for upload access before they can upload.

    Upload Documentation

  5. Stay up to date

    Follow us on Api Changelog to keep up-to-date with changes in the API.

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