Reusing Client IDs

Don't do it! There are no limits to the amount of apps you can create, so create a new API app for every project.


We ask that you cache data whenever possible. In general, don’t call the API on every page load. Instead, call the API independently and load from cache on each page load. Some caching is better than no caching!

Rate Limiting

Please try to limit your calls to the API to a reasonable frequency. We may temporarily or permanently block access if your app is calling the API too frequently, or you are requesting an unreasonable amount of data in a short time (i.e. iterating over lots of user ids or video ids). See more information on rate limiting.


Vimeo expects all data to be UTF-8-encoded and will respond with UTF-8-encoded data. Make sure you encode your data as UTF-8 to avoid errors.

User Agents

Make sure to set a custom User Agent for your app. We will be much less likely to block access if we see a custom User Agent! We block certain generic User Agents now, and may block others in the future.

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