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Integration Facilitation

Need help working with the Vimeo APIs? We have a few different resources for you to peruse.

  • API Guides

    These trusty digital manuals will help you accomplish all your wildest API integration dreams.

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  • The Forums

    Have a question about working with our API? Ask for help from staff members and developers who are extra-immersed in the Vimeosphere.

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  • Stack Overflow

    Should you find yourself thoroughly stumped, tap into a community of developers who are well versed in the Vimeo APIs.

    Ask the Stacks

    Some things to keep in mind:

    Before you journey down the rabbit hole, take a moment to familiarize yourself with our API-specific forum decorum.


    Make sure you search through existing threads before starting your own. It’s possible that someone has already asked the same question — and gotten an answer!


    It’s important to accurately tag your topic or question:

    • vimeo-api: For items related to the API.
    • vimeo-player: Anything about the Player.
    • vimeo: Not sure what the tag should be? This is your guy.

    Staff Moderators:

    Sometimes, even the most determined developers get stumped. Keep an eye out for the friendly faces of these Vimeo staff members, who will be chiming in from time to time with their professional opinions.

    Aaron Hedges Brian Cooper Kenya Stewart Sage Ventour Tommy Penner Brad Dougherty

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  • Two new open-source libraries to Vimeo-ize your Android app

    Mar 16, 2016

    Vimeo loves creators. Often, we’re talking about creators of the video variety, but today, we’re talking about the creators behind the creators — a.k.a., the coders. It’s no secret that we’ve got a pretty dope public API, and those

  • The Video Hack Day: crank on some code with us May 9

    May 6, 2015

    This Saturday, May 9, Vimeo is sponsoring a brand-new API event, appropriately dubbed “Video Hack Day.” This all-day event takes place May 9 at General Assembly in NYC. Stop by to hear fascinating keynotes from members of the tech community. And when the talks stop, stick around and build…